An Anti-Aging Wonder For Pets 

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  • Organic Ingredients

    Formulated with the highest quality ingredients for maximum benefits

  • Purity at its Finest 

    Only the best food-grade ingredients to fortify bone health and prevent future joint issues

  • Revolutionary Pet Wellness

    A "Life Extending" Wonder for your pets

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Key Benefits

Anti-aging products aren’t just for humans! A new wave of pet wellness has reached the market with mind-blowing results to extend the time you have with your furry family member(s)!

  • Oxidative Stress No More

    Protects your pet's molecular structure from aging factors!

  • Improve Joint Health

    Dive deep into the protection of your pet’s joints with C60! 

  • Reduce Inflammation 

    Stomp the enemy of your pet’s health and give them relief!

  • Increase Life Span

    C60 studies have shown a 50% increase in the life span of animals! 

  • Defender of DNA 

    Get to the very core of your pet’s aging process and keep it strong and defended! 

  • Rich in Antioxidants

    Fight free radicals that are the main cause of aging with the ultimate antioxidant boost from C60!

  • Improves Overall Health

    Bad Dog Relief’s MSM formulation has additional benefits to aid absorption of nutrients, help digestion, and allow a harmonious connection between glucosamine and chondroitin so your dog receives the most out of each ingredient.

  • Yummy Taste

    Whether you have a picky dog or not, there’s no denying that your pet will be eagerly anticipating their daily dropper full! We guarantee your dog will love it!

What is C60?

You might be wondering what this Anti-aging pet product is, and you’re not alone! While it’s well known in human wellness lifestyles, C60 has become the leading savior for pet wellness too!
C60 is the most powerful antioxidant known! It repairs molecules and defends against the main sources of aging on the molecular level of our pets by neutralizing free radicals. Free radicals cause oxidative stress, which allows your pet to heal naturally rather than have cells and proteins deteriorate. Blended with the beneficial properties of MCT Coconut Oil, your pet will love the taste and the added benefits to nourish their coat and as a more healthy alternative to peanut butter! 

  • Scientifically Proven

    The studies don’t lie and having more time with our pets, in stronger and better health, is all we can wish for as pet parents! 

  • Organic Ingredients 

    C60 is 99.99% pure along with organic MCT oil for all-natural goodness for your fur baby! 

  • Certified Delicious

    We make it easy for your pet to take their vitamins! A flavor any pet will love and come running for!

  • Made in the USA

    Bad Dog Relief has always been made right here in the United States. We ensure that our products are cleanly developed to provide the best pet supplements on the market!

  • Scientifically Proven

    Our pet wellness supplements are formulated from state-of-the-art veterinary studies to provide the highest quality nutritional support for your pet’s health and well-being.

  • Natural Ingredients

    No hidden agendas here. We only source natural, food-grade ingredients to produce tasty, healthy, and beneficial results for your pets!

  • Vet Recommended 

    We tailor all of our products with the advice and stamp of approval from top-rated veterinarians!

  • Made in the USA

    We only believe in having our pet products made where we know the quality and standards are unparalleled! 


  • 1-25lbs: ¼ TSP 
  • 26-50lbs: ½ TSP 
  • 50-100lbs: 1 TSP 
  • 100+ lbs: 1 TSP per 100lbs 
  • Free Shipping

  • Secure Payment Options

  • Bad Dog Wellness Guarantee

  • 10 Out of 10 Pets Love It!